What Your Corporate Event Says About You

Are you planning an event for your company and trying to determine how best to proceed? It’s important to first stop and think about what message you’re trying to send to participants, whether that’s employees, clients, prospects, or other constituents. There are so many options for how your event could be structured, it’s best to think through what your goals are … and what your corporate event will say about you and your company … before you get too far into the planning process. 

To make it easy on yourself – and your company – consider engaging a professional destination management company (DMC) like Agenda: USA to streamline the process and help ensure your event sends the right message to all participants.

Here Are Five Messages Your Event Could Send To Participants:

1. You’re Creative

 Are you in an industry that could be considered staid and not very progressive? Perhaps your company is an industrial or “old school” business that people tend to think of as always doing things by the book. Planning a unique or unusual event tells your participants your company is creative and thinking outside the box. 

Consider creating a cool video about unusual ways your company’s products are used or have the video feature a few employees who are exploring new markets for your product. Also consider hosting your event at an unusual venue like the clubhouse in your local football stadium, or in the event space of a local brewery where attendees could tour the facility as part of the event’s activities. One more idea is to bring in a singer/songwriter and have your participants break into teams to write a new song that depicts your company and its products. 

2. You’re Committed to Crafting a Positive Experience

 Although you want your event to be productive and (most likely) informative, you also want the experience to be a positive one. Pay attention to the details that will make for a positive experience. For instance, will several participants be flying into the city? Make sure you have a plan for meeting them at the airport, helping them with their luggage, and providing a hassle-free experience arriving at their hotel. If your event is taking place in Nashville or Kansas City, you can be confident our Agenda: USA team can take care of all the arrival and departure logistics.

Also, consider the details around dining options. Think ahead to how participants will interact with one another during meals. You might pre-arrange for selected seating so people get to know others whom they don’t often work with. Or consider a dine-around program so people can choose from different types of restaurants, from a popular steakhouse to a favorite Italian bistro or a well-known French restaurant. You could have the chef come out to any one of those restaurants to visit with participants and explain the menu selections. And always remember to consider dietary restrictions when planning dining options. Your participants will value your consideration of their preferences, making for a positive experience. 

3. You Like to Have Fun and Want Others to Have Fun, Too

A company that shows it has a playful side can often do well when it comes to recruiting new employees or engaging potential clients. So, consider some fun opportunities during your event. You might hire a magician to walk the crowd as it mingles, performing magic tricks. Or have a comedian present a stand-up routine for the crowd (just make sure the comedian’s act is “clean” and not offensive to anyone in attendance). Or think about hiring a cowboy poet to entertain participants. There is an endless list of possible fun elements that could be incorporated into your event. Our team at Agenda: USA can help with any of these ideas and many more!

4. You’re Intent on Polishing Your Company’s Image

Has your company had a rough few years and experienced a bit of a tarnished reputation? If your company needs to refresh its image and a bit of a “spit-shine,” consider planning a very professional event. You might bring in a well-known industry expert who can share the latest industry trends and help your team gain a leading edge over the competition. Or – depending on your industry – you might hire a respected economist to give a broad overview of not only the economy but what the current economic challenges mean for your industry and your company in the future. 

If polishing your company’s image is crucial, consider several important details such as the type of venue, which should be an impeccable, well-managed facility. Also, consider the attire throughout the event. You might encourage attendees to wear either business casual or professional business attire. And allow attendees to have the opportunity to mingle with company executives, who can make an extremely positive impact on the tenor of the event.

5. You’re Willing to Invest in Your Employees and/or Your Customers

Planning an event that truly “speaks to” your employees can pay huge dividends in the future. From retaining existing employees to recruiting new talented and experienced individuals, the type of event you plan can benefit your company far into the future. The same can be said about an event for your customers. If your event is intended for customers – or prospects – when done well, it can strengthen customer relationships that will last a lifetime.

For employee events, consider not only ice-breaker activities – so team members who are gathering together for the first time in a long while (given the pandemic) can get acquainted with others – but also team-building activities that can strengthen the bonds of employees with their colleagues. If your event is for your customers, allowing them to interact with key employees who service their business can mean the strengthening of relationships for years to come. That can often result in generating ongoing revenue … a true win-win situation.

In Summary, it’s Important to Recognize what your corporate event says about you. There’s no doubt you’ll want your corporate event to make a positive … and lasting … impression. So, as you begin the planning process, be certain to consider these five messages (and more!) that your event could send. 

To ensure you achieve your goal – and send the right message with your corporate event – consider hiring a destination management company (DMC) whose experienced team members can streamline the corporate event planning process in Kansas City and help you ensure success. If your event will be held in Kansas City or Nashville, our Agenda: USA team would be delighted to help you!