Why does an Event Planner ask so many questions?

Want your next corporate event to be successful?

Hire an Event Planner who asks the right questions upfront

With in-person corporate events making a comeback, it’s important that the next one you produce hits a home run. Be sure to hire an experienced Event Planner who knows the right questions to ask up front to ensure your event will be a success. An Event Planner who simply “takes your order” will likely help you achieve a decent overall experience, but don’t count on it being hailed a success.

Start with your audience

Your Event Planner should start by asking about your audience. Who do you plan to invite to your event: Your sales team? Your entire staff? Customers or business partners? And how many people will attend? Planning an event for an intimate group of 20 – 30 is very different than planning a function for 100 or more.

Your Event Planner should also ask for specifics about your audience. For instance, will most attendees be young, tech-focused employees just starting their careers? Mid-level employees eager for team-building opportunities? Or a mix of early career, mid-career and more seasoned participants? If the age and/or career focus of the participants varies widely, your Event Planner may suggest different break-out sessions targeting the various groups.

Begin with the end in mind

Most everyone has heard of management guru Stephen Covey, so you’ve likely heard this principle before. His recommendation to “Begin with the end in mind” is a good guide for all of us! In this case, your Event Planner should ask you upfront what you want the outcome of your event to be, so you can work together toward that goal.

If your intention is simply to encourage employees to re-engage with one another, that will drive one approach to the event.

But if you plan to introduce sales goals or use the event to motivate your sales team, that will require a very different approach. Introducing a new product and/or service will require yet another approach.

Be very specific with your Event Planner about what you hope to accomplish with this event. It will be critical to its success.

Be sensitive to budgets

When it comes to budgets, being candid with your Event Planner from the get-go will be critical. He or she should ask you very early on what your budget is. If you can’t offer a “hard number,” at least provide a range. He or she will appreciate the ability to be efficient with their time, and won’t waste it contacting venues, caterers or entertain

ment that are simply unrealistic within your stated budget.

Consider technical requirements

Your Event Planner should also ask you early on what your technical requirements are for your event. Do you want to allow some employees to participate virtually? Do you plan to capture the event on video? Will speakers or other participants require audio-visual support for slide presentations?

Technical difficulties during an event can quickly bring it to an awkward and uncomfortable pause. You don’t want that to happen. Your Event Planner should help you engage the right A/V or other professionals to ensure it goes smoothly.

In Summary

These are just a handful of questions our Agenda: USA team of event planning professionals asks at the beginning of a client engagement … these and a whole lot more!

Make sure you engage a seasoned Event Planning professional if you want your next event to be a smashing success.