The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

CSR programs benefit your company, your employees, and the organizations you support.

If your company is not already actively engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, it should be. There is no question that companies that act ethically, are socially responsible, and commit to making a positive impact on the world are companies people want to buy from. In fact, according to consulting firm Accenture, “74 percent of consumers believe ethical corporate practices and values are an important reason to choose a brand.

Perhaps even more importantly, companies that support social and environmental issues are companies that people – especially millennials and Generation Z – want to work for. 

People appreciate the opportunity to take part in initiatives that do good. Many enjoy volunteering but – given the challenge of juggling both work and family demands – have limited time to do so. Giving your employees the ability to participate in your company’s social responsibility programs can be a win-win-win situation: A win for your company, a win for your employees, and a win for the organization or community you support.

The Following are Six Benefits to Engaging in CSR Programs:

  1. Improves employee morale and reduces turnover. Employees appreciate the chance to do something good for a worthy organization or a broader community initiative. So, arranging a day – or even a few hours – when your employees can gather together to tackle a project for, say, a local Boys & Girls Club, can help boost morale. They feel great about being able to make a positive impact without having to take time away from their family. 
  2. Serves as a team-building exercise. When you gather employees together to help build a house for Habitat, clean up a local park or distribute food through a local food bank, employees come together in a whole new way. They get to see a different side of one another, and likely get to know each other better.  So, consider a CSR program as an excellent investment in your employees, making it a very positive experience.
  3. Increases your ability to recruit top talent. Companies that actively support nonprofits and other worthy organizations are visible to the leaders in your local community. That visibility can be very beneficial when it comes to recruiting new, talented professionals. When people see that your company is seriously committed to making a positive impact on a charitable organization – or the community as a whole – they become interested in exploring career opportunities. Watch your company’s HR recruitment efforts gain traction once you actively engage in CSR programs.
  4. Makes a positive impact on the charitable organization. By encouraging your employees to support a local nonprofit, you can make a positive impact on that organization. At Agenda: USA, we’ve long been supporters of Operation Breakthrough, an amazing organization that provides a safe, loving, and educational environment every day for more than 700 children who live in poverty. Through our Birthday Card program, we make a donation to Operation Breakthrough for every digital birthday card we send. And we send a LOT of birthday cards to friends, clients, and industry colleagues! Our employees have all rallied around this initiative to support the kids at Operation Breakthrough, and are so pleased to know that we are collectively making a difference through this simple but valuable program. 
  5. Improves your company’s brand image. People look favorably at companies they see making a positive difference in the community. And that’s not just consumers who are choosing your brand. That’s also companies that select vendors and other service providers to work with. When it comes time to decide on what firms to engage for their business, they will likely give special consideration to the companies they’ve seen be active in the community, doing good for others. 
  6. Enhances your company’s culture. If your management team actively supports one or more important social or environmental causes, it can have a positive impact on your company’s culture. And rallying your employees around those initiatives can have a bigger impact than you might think. As successful leaders know, “doing the right thing” results in motivated employees who value working for a company they are proud of. Additionally, a positive culture can mean a boost in profits. We’ve seen reports that show companies with a positive culture can experience up to 400% growth in revenue. 

So, if you’re not already engaging your employees in one or more CSR programs, consider getting started right away. There is no question corporate social responsibility programs can give your company a positive edge in many ways, from employee morale and recruitment to enhance your company’s culture … and that’s to say nothing about the ways it benefits the organizations or social issues you support. There appears to be nothing but an upside to engaging in CSR programs and team building activities in Kansas City.