The Importance of Team Building for Your Company

As businesses reopen and gain traction, there is a new hurdle to leap in the corporate world – how to unite a team that has worked virtually for so long. Especially since right now so many professionals are opting to leave the corporate world in search of a better work/life balance. As employees emerge from the virtual world of the pandemic and make their way back into an office environment, they expect more from their job. Employers need to level up their company culture and build a sense of comradery within their teams in order to keep them happy. And what better way to do that than a team building activity. Here are 9 reasons that display the importance of team building. 

Team building increases office morale and team satisfaction levels

One of the main points that contributes to employee satisfaction is overall office morale. It’s hard for someone to feel content in their job when morale is low. One quick way to raise office morale is to treat your team to external activities. By engaging them in team building activities, you are displaying their importance in the company and that they are worth investing in. 

Helps team members get to know each other better

After being in a virtual environment for so long, professionals are craving interaction with their colleagues. What better way to help everyone get to know one another than by planning a team building outing for your staff! By working through a problem together or giving back to the community as a group you are giving your employees a chance to get to know each other on a closer level. 

Boosts team productivity

It should come as no surprise that happy employees are more productive. Team building activities raise job satisfaction. By raising the satisfaction levels of employees through team building activities, you’re also increasing their productivity levels. Research shows that productivity can be increased by as much as 31% through an increase in employee happiness levels. 

Collaboration increases communication

Employees in a team building scenario communicate with each other differently than when they are in an office environment. They are encouraged to ask questions, share experiences, and work together. It seems like that would be something they do in the office, but often times, people will not engage with each other when they are not prompted to. Working together to solve problems also encourages habits of communication within the office. And effective communication is proven to generate 4.5 times higher talent retention. 

Enhances company culture

A good manager understands that company culture is a big deal. The culture you build in your organization can have an impact that is much greater than you’d think. In fact, companies that build a positive culture can experience up to a 400% growth in revenue. Team building activities promote a strong and positive company culture to your employees. That, in return, will have an effect that far outweighs any of the costs associated with planning team building activities. 

Working together builds bridges across departments

Anyone that has worked in a professional office knows that cliques tend to form by department groups. Having these departmental segments can often make collaboration and communication difficult. By engaging your team in team building activities, you are building a bridge across departments. This is the first step in helping your employees to see things from another vantage point. It’s also the easiest way to encourage collaboration across departments. 

Team building encourages innovation and creativity

Many team building events are centered around solving a problem. When people are faced with a new scenario that they are not familiar with, it allows their brains to work in a new way. By presenting a challenging situation, you are encouraging innovation and creativity. And that is something that will easily translate into the office long after the team building activity has concluded. In fact, studies show that workplace collaboration can increase successful innovation by 15%. 

Displays employee appreciation

Investing in your company through team building shows your employees that you appreciate them. By increasing your level of employee appreciation, you will generate higher employee retention numbers. It’s no wonder 53% of employees say they would stay longer at a company if they felt appreciated. 

Builds trust & loyalty

One of the best things you can do for your business is build trust and loyalty among your employees. 79% of millennials surveyed said an increase in office rewards make them more loyal to their employer. If you had the ability to build trust and loyalty, and all you had to do was take your team out for a team building activity, why wouldn’t you? 

Great! Now, how do I plan a team building activity?

Now that you understand the importance of team building, you’re probably wondering how to plan a team building activity for your company. There are so many things to consider when it comes to team building activities, and like most professionals, you’re pretty busy with your day job. That’s why it’s recommended to leave the team building planning to the professionals. Most businesses choose to work with a destination management company (DMC) to plan and execute team building events for their staff. And there are definitely perks to using a professional!

  • A DMC has vetted just about every team building activity and vendor around. So you know you’ll be getting the best of the best. 
  • They do this A LOT. Which means everything will be executed exactly as it should be. No troubles, no unexpected payments, no awkward cancellations – They know the exact questions to ask to ensure it’s planned correctly. 
  • Working with a planner means you’ll be able to participate without the added stress of managing the event. This gives you a chance to reap the benefits of the activity, as well!
  • Everything is taken care of by a professional. You wouldn’t want to go to a friend to do your root canal or to a family member to represent you in court, so why wouldn’t you want to tap a professional for handling your corporate team building activity? When things are done by a professional you can ensure that they are done correctly and effectively. 

When it comes down to it, the returns you gain from investing a team building activity are tremendous. Are you ready to give your employees a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience? If so, our team at Agenda: USA is ready to help create a memorable day for your entire company. Send us a message today to get started. 

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