Hiring a Ground Transportation Company for Your Next Corporate Event?

Make Sure You Hire a Company That Employs Chauffeurs, Not Just Drivers

Do you know the difference between a “driver” and a “chauffeur?” Not many people do. But when it comes to hiring a ground transportation company for your next corporate event, it would be wise to ensure the company you engage employs chauffeurs and not just drivers.

Although some drivers – like gig workers who are under contract with Uber or Lyft – may be polite and helpful, they are typically just that … drivers. Their role is simply to get you from Point A to Point B. Some independent drivers may even bill themselves as a “car service” or “limo service,” but that can be deceiving. They are not necessarily expected to be professionally dressed, they have had little, if any, driver training, and would be hard-pressed to do more than get you to your destination. And the condition of their cars? That’s subject to the standards of the individual driver.

Chauffeurs, on the other hand, are trained professionals. That’s why our Agenda: USA team members are considered chauffeurs. We expect them to arrive early (not just on time) in an immaculately clean vehicle and to be professionally dressed. If they are meeting you at an airport, they will reach out to you in advance to confirm your pick-up time and have signage to alert you of their arrival. They will assist you with your luggage, make sure you are comfortable during your drive (in fact, most will have a fresh bottle of water waiting for you) and deliver you to your destination in a timely manner.

Have a need that pops up at the last minute, such as a quick stop on the way? Chauffeurs will likely be able to accommodate your request.

In addition, a ground transportation company that employs chauffeurs – not just drivers – will typically offer clients a number of other benefits:

  • Chauffeurs are subject to random drug testing, giving you peace of mind that you will be transported to your destination safely.
  • At Agenda: USA, our chauffeurs even go through a criminal background check before they’re hired.
  • Late-model luxury sedans or SUVs are the vehicle of choice when you engage a company that employs chauffeurs. Sit back and enjoy a luxurious ride!
  • Regular safety inspections by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are the norm with chauffeured-driven vehicles, so you can be confident your “ride” is in excellent working condition.
  • An umbrella insurance policy will give you peace of mind that – should an accident happen – you’ll be well covered. Ground transportation companies with chauffeurs typically carry considerably more coverage than is offered by ride-share companies. As an example, at Agenda: USA, we carry a $5 million commercial vehicle liability policy.
  • If you’ve never asked a ride-share driver how much insurance they carry, you should. Once you do, you’ll likely choose a ground transportation company with chauffeurs the next time you need an airport transfer.
  • You can have confidence you’ll be well taken care of, from your pick-up point to your final destination.
  • You can count on a team of logistical experts, should you have multiple people arriving and/or departing at various times. A ground transportation company that employs chauffeurs will be used to handling multiple arrivals and departures, and can accommodate a variety of logistical challenges.
  • Last minute changes to your travel plans? Your ground transportation company’s chauffeurs will be monitoring any flight changes or last-minute updates to your itinerary, making sure you’ll still be greeted on time and transported to your destination without complications.

Alton Hagen, General Manager of Agenda: USA says, “We can’t stress enough the difference between chauffeurs and drivers. We are very proud of the attention to detail our chauffeurs provide to our guests. I can assure you that – once you compare a ride with a chauffeur to a ride with a driver – you’ll clearly see the difference.”

The bottom line? If you’re charged with ensuring the participants in your next corporate event arrive at their destination safely and without complications, consider engaging a ground transportation company that employs “chauffeurs,” not just “drivers.” You will quickly see the difference in the quality of service you receive.