Four Reasons to Hire an Accredited Destination Management Company

Partnering with a DMC is the smart way to plan your next big event

If you’ve been tasked with producing a meeting or planning a corporate event for your organization – and you’re both short-staffed and pressed for time (who isn’t these days?!) – consider getting help to make it successful.

Fortunately, there are experts at producing successful events who can partner with you to make the whole process manageable. They’re called Destination Management Companies (DMCs).

A DMC is often called a “location expert.” Their team will know who to tap for all of the important elements of your event, from the venue to the caterer to the florist and entertainment … and everything in between. In fact, they’ll not only know the best resources to call for every important component of your event, they’ll also know who NOT to call. In other words, they’ll make sure you only engage vendors with a proven track record and an excellent reputation.

Consider the extra value in hiring an accredited DMC

As you begin to interview DMCs, it pays to ensure you’re talking with an accredited DMC. A DMC that has gone to the additional effort to achieve accreditation means you’ll be hiring the best of the best. An Accredited Destination Management Company (ADMC) is a member of the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI), the premier resource for education, standards and practices within the destination management industry. ADMEI has a global presence and a respected reputation, and – through its Certification & Accreditation Board – sets the standards and policies for the ADMC and DMCP (Destination Management Certified Professional) programs.

Here are four reasons to hire an experienced – and accredited – DMC

1. To help you be efficient in the event planning process

Rather than trying to track down each individual vendor (caterer, florist, etc.), check their references and compare them to other vendors, a DMC can identify the best vendors for your particular needs. They’ll guide you to the right person at each vendor’s business and coordinate all of the details so everyone involved in producing your event can collaborate to make it a smashing success.

2. To help you be cost-effective

Yes, you’ll be paying the DMC for their expertise and their time but – in the long run – you’ll be saving an enormous amount of your own time since their team produces events and meetings for a living. They know how to manage all of the elements of a corporate event so you won’t run into last minute challenges or expenses that aren’t part of your budget. And because they do corporate events all the time … and know all the important details … you won’t be pulling your hair out at the last minute!

3. To also handle your ground transportation needs

The transporting of guests to and from your event … or shuttling guests between venues … is an important factor in ensuring your event is an overall success. An accredited DMC has team members who are logistics experts, so moving people from one place to another is something they do all the time. Plus, a DMC will often have their own vehicles – sedans as well as Sprinter vans, mini-coaches and even motorcoaches — so the ground transportation component of your event will be handled flawlessly.

4. To ensure your attendees will experience the WOW factor

If you want to impress your attendees … and perhaps as importantly, your boss … you want their event to create the WOW factor for all involved. An accredited, experienced DMC team can make that happen for you, without the stress of trying to manage every detail yourself.

To learn more about the value of hiring a Destination Management Company (DMC), as well as about how the certification and accreditation process sets select DMCs apart, visit admei.org.

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