Our Team

Meet the smiling faces of Agenda: USA.

Our team will be there from beginning to end; making sure your event is a success, transportation is prompt and all expecations are succeeded. 


Sandi Harkins

Sandi Harkins

DMCP: Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Sandi has a well-rounded portfolio and her areas of expertise include Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Group Marketing and Revenue. Sandi is an active member of Meeting Professionals International, Kansas City Business Travel Association and the Kansas City Society of Association Executives. She is passionate about helping charitable organizations such as Operation Breakthrough, Catholic Charities and the Ronald McDonald House.

More about Sandi:

  • She studied Music Performance from University of Missouri Kansas City and currently is a member of both the Olathe Civic Band and the Shawnee Civic Band.
  • Sandi loves golf, swimming and reading.
  • You may run into her at a Dog Park with her two furry kids; Doberman Pinschers, George and Addison.
Mary Lemon

Mary Lemon

Sales Manager

With over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, both front and back of the house, Mary knows her way around the details. She is happy to answer your questions and follow up with you in a timely manner. She is also our wedding transportation specialist and knows that a bride needs a worry-free transportation option. Agenda: USA can deliver just that! Customer service and satisfaction is her highest priority.

More about Mary:

  • She is born in the Year of the Dog, so she is loyal and dependable.
  • With a degree in culinary arts she can mix it up in the kitchen.
  • Has two beautiful daughters that keep her busy.
  • Her seemingly quiet husband is a break out drummer in his spare time.
  • Mary loves being involved in her community and making a difference in people’s lives through volunteering.
Bruce Adcox

Bruce Adcox

Director of Chauffeured Fleet Services

Bruce just celebrated his 25th year with Agenda: USA! We consider him the soul of this company. He's been in the transportation business for over 30 years, and you'll know this immediately. Bruce oversees the Fleet Division, with over twenty vehicles and thirty chauffeurs. Bruce insists on being available 24/7, as he loves helping our clients. Call him if you need anything or if you just want to talk. 

More about Bruce:

  • His kids love him, and his wife ...well sometimes. 
  • He loves cars and enjoys the challenges of preservation and restoration of antique and unique automobiles. 
  • He is an Auction Aficionado (that does exist!) the first Saturday of every month.
Kristy Williams

Kristy Williams

Client Services Specialist

Kristy handles all client related questions, from reservations to any of our programs, she can help you. Before joining our team, Kristy worked at Cerner Corporation, handling special projects. She oversees all United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) standards and regulations, which is a very necessary, yet, tedious process. She is extremely detail oriented and loves her job. Kristy is wonderfully passionate and she's a great asset to our team. 

More about Kristy: 

  • Kristy is the most positive human being we know. Her smile is infectious. 
  • She is an Atchison, KS native and loves that town. 
  • She is happily married and loves spending time with her hubby.
Alton Hagen

Alton Hagen

CMP, DMCP: President & Founder

One of the first to receive his CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) designation, Alton has been in the hospitality industry for over 40 years. He was the first recipient of the One KC Award given out by the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Association for setting the standard of excellence in hospitality and tourism. 

More about Alton: 

  • Alton spent the first 17 years of his career as a Tour Manager. 
  • He enjoys adventure travel, such as running with the bulls in Pamplona (not once, but twice), and trekking the Andes and Mount Kilimanjaro.  
  • Pour him a Scotch and you're instantly friends.
Adam Harkins

Adam Harkins

Group Operations Manager

Whether it’s 50 people or 500, a family reunion or annual convention, Adam builds custom transportation programs to suit your needs. Adam served 5 years in the United States Air Force as a firefighter before starting with Agenda: USA, originally as a chauffeur, in May, 2018. He is very focused and sensitive to each client’s needs and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality program every time.

More about Adam:

  • Adam has been homebrewing beer since 2017. If you’re not a beer snob yet, ask to grab a beer with him.
  • As part of his service, he spent 2 years stationed in Germany.
  • He enjoys doing impressions and making people laugh.  
Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts

Dispatch Manager

A stickler for process and perfection, Stacey maintains the quality and stability of Agenda: USA's fleet, ensuring each vehicle not only meets, but exceeds our high standards. Stacey has a zest for learning and has achieved not only one degree, but two; Business Management and Human Resources.

  • Stacey has two kids and loves attending their music and sporting events.
  • She has two dogs, but would love to add more pets to her family.
  • Stacey is the ultimate Royals' fan! She was in the stands for the 1985 Playoffs, 2014 run and 2015 World Series, and in the sea of blue World Series celebration - an experience she and her kids will never forget. 
Julie Arthur

Julie Arthur

Onsite Logistics Coordinator

Julie brings over 17 years of experience in operational management and project leadership to Agenda: USA. Her attention to detail, big-picture focus and multi-tasking skills make every program she works on a guaranteed success. Julie's ability to communicate with candor and lightheartedness allows everyone working alongside her to enjoy their work. 

  • Being born and raised here, Julie loves KC!
  • She loves being outdoors. 
  • She graduated with honors from UMKC. 
  • Julie's favorite thing in the whole world is her big, beautiful family. 
Cyrena Urbik

Cyrena Urbik

Event Coordinator

As a master multitasker, Cyrena wears many hats for Agenda: USA; from helping coordinate events from behind the scenes, to being onsite the day of, and scheduling staff for group transportation. She's very reliable and eager to please, which makes her a great asset to our team! Cyrena is a graduate of Indiana State University and mother of three. 

  • Cyrena grew up on a farm in Illinois. 
  • She used to visit Indian Reservations for work. 
  • Cyrena used to help coach youth wheelchair basketball. 
Lindsey Jones

Lindsey Jones

Event Manager

From event management and wedding transportation coordination, to website design and social media guru, Lindsey adds a dynamic profile to our team. She's there to make sure your event is a success and your wedding transportation is flawless. 

  • Lindsey is left-handed, and slightly ambidextrous. 
  • Koopa & Jasmine are hers. Lindsey rescued them from two different animal shelters. 
  • Lindsey loves to travel and can't wait until her next adventure!
Jasmine Jones

Jasmine Jones

Office Morale Specialist

Jasmine loves going to work every day to ensure company morale stays at its highest. She loves greeting her favorite people and getting plenty of pets and treats from them. While on the job, Jasmine covers many roles, which include greeting the front door and cleaning up the lunch room.

  • When not on the job, Jasmine loves to lay by her window and "police" the neighborhood. 
  • Jasmine loves going on long walks. 
  • Jasmine was named after Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin
Koopa Jones

Koopa Jones

CBC, Chief Beggar in Charge

With over 10 years of experience, Koopa brings a lot of energy to his position. He roams from office to office, fine tuning his craft, using his cuteness to win over the best of them. No task is too big, no treat too hard to get. Koopa's skill set includes; sitting for a treat, laying down for a treat, shaking for a treat and high-fiving for a treat. 

  • Koopa is named after a video game character from Super Mario Bros. 
  • When Koopa was adopted, he only weighed four pounds and could fit in your hand. 
  • Koopa has lived in three different states, four cities and five houses.
  • Even at 10 years old, Koopa still loves to play with toys. 
Violet Lemon

Violet Lemon

Quality Controller of Treats

With a keen nose for personnel management, Violet brings a high level of enthusiasm, energy and persistence to any tasks at hand. Violet has been part of our team for three years. Never too busy to help her coworkers, Violet often works through lunch, never leaving their side. Violet takes the phrase “throw me a bone” to the next level.

  • Hobbies include eating food out of trash cans, barking at neighbor dogs at work and taking naps near the heater.
  • Violet is an avid nature lover and loves long walks. 
  • After a long work day, Violet loves nothing more than dining al fresco, then curling up with a warm fleece.