Welcome to Kansas City!

Agenda: USA is honored to have been chosen as your official transportation provider for your upcoming conference. We look forward to welcoming you and to providing you with safe, comfortable, and efficient transportation during your time in Kansas City!




When you arrive at Kansas City International (MCI), please be aware that the layout of our airport may be a little different from other airport configurations you’ve experienced, in that each airline has its own dedicated baggage claim area(s), located throughout two operating terminals.


Terminal B – Allegiant, Delta, Southwest

Terminal C – Air Canada, Alaska, American, Frontier, Spirit, United


Upon arrival, follow the signs to your specific baggage claim area. Once you’ve retrieved your luggage, remain in the baggage area and a uniformed Agenda: USA chauffeur with a client-specific sign will locate you there. (If you are traveling with only carry-on baggage, please still make your way to your flight’s assigned baggage claim area to meet your chauffeur.) 




If Agenda: USA is also providing your return transportation to the airport, you will receive a system-generated confirmation email prior to your scheduled departure instructing you to meet your assigned chauffeur in the lobby of your hotel approximately 2 - 2.5 hours prior to your actual flight departure.


If you experience any delays/changes while in transit, or if you need to contact Agenda: USA for any reason, please call at 913-268-4466 (press “1” if after hours in order to reach our 24/7 dispatch team). 


Again, welcome to Kansas City!